SmartAlbums 2020.1.0

Fixes and Improvements

  • Patterns: added export to .psd format
  • Patterns: turn any pattern into a background pattern in Main View
  • Patterns: apply any background pattern to all spreads at once 
  • Patterns: added feature to flip spreads with patterns
  • Auto Build: added warnings for albums exceeding page limits set by print labs
  • Added extra warnings for frames located too close to the trim zone
  • Apply template to all spreads at once 
  • Projects saved on Mac can now be opened on Win computers without unlinked image issues
  • Fixed crash related to upgrade and activation
  • Fixed crash on multiple projects opening
  • Fixed crash related to making edits in CV after project save
  • Additional minor fixes and improvements

Known Issues

  • SmartAlbums crashes after click on combo box in CV after 'save as' action (MAC OS only)
  • Flip action does not work for pattern frames in the Main View
  • Issues with converting single page to Spread and vice versa with background pattern frames

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