SmartAlbums 2020.0.0

New Features

  • Patterns - Add pattern frames to your spreads in Designer View
  • Pattern Browser - Add patterns background in Main View
  • Auto Build Smart Grouping - Let SmartAlbums distribute images across spreads based on image characteristics
  • Auto Build Group by Range -Build your album automatically by setting the number of spreads and image range 
  • Auto Build Template Reuse - Control visual variety of spreads in your album
  • Image Search - Search for images by filename


  • Quick Preview UX improvement - New color palette
  • Trim Zone Review - Avoid print issues from images located close to the edge
  • Fixed bug related to PDF text export (frames with blank lines)
  • Additional bug and crash fixes, and performance improvements

Known Issues

  • SmartAlbums crashes after clicking on the combo box in CV after ‘save as’ action (MAC OS only)
  • Flip action does not work for pattern frames in the Main View
  • Issues with converting single page to Spread and vice versa with background pattern frames.

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