What emails will be sent to my clients from Cloud Proofing?

There are a few email notifications your clients may receive for their Cloud Proofing albums. They are described below:

Album invitation and new draft uploads

This invitation email is sent to your clients when you first upload your album to Cloud Proofing and check the Send email invitation upon publish option. After the initial invitation, your clients will receive a notification for each new uploaded draft for the album when it’s published. The invitation email and notifications about the uploaded drafts will contain the album link and your personal message or album password if they have been added to the album.

Note: These email notifications can be customized in your Cloud Proofing preferences here

Submitted feedback and album approval

When your client submits feedback or approves the album in Cloud Proofing, they will receive a notification email confirming the action once it is completed. Your client will also receive an email if they have added comments to an album but had not submitted feedback just yet. This email is normally sent within two hours of the comments being added.

Reminder email

If your client has not viewed or submitted feedback for their album after 7 days, they will receive an email about their album, reminding them that is it ready for review. This notification can be enabled or disabled at any time in your Cloud Proofing preferences here.

Newly added comments

If you have added new comments to the album for your client in SmartAlbums, but have not uploaded a new draft to Cloud Proofing just yet, your client will be notified of these comments within 2 hours after the last comment was made. If your album draft is uploaded shortly after your comments are posted, they will be included in the email notification for the new album draft.

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