Why am I asked to purchase a new Cloud Proofing album credit for an album I have previously purchased?

If you have uploaded a SmartAlbums project to Cloud Proofing by using the Pay-Per-Album option, you can upload additional revisions to the purchased Cloud Proofing album at no additional cost. If for some reason you are being prompted to make another purchase while uploading a new draft for your already purchased album, please do the following to troubleshoot: 

1. Check for updates

Confirm that you are using the latest version of SmartAlbums by following these steps. If you were using an outdated version of the software and were able to update, try uploading your album to Cloud Proofing again.

2. Relink your SmartAlbums project file to Cloud Proofing

If your SmartAlbums project has been moved or renamed after the album has been uploaded to Cloud Proofing, the link between the SmartAlbums project file and Cloud Proofing may be broken, which may be why you are asked to purchase a new album credit. Follow the steps in this support article to relink your album project to Cloud Proofing. 

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