Cloud Proofing: Error code 140

This error message can appear while uploading an album from Pixellu SmartAlbums to Cloud Proofing:

This error message appears when you try to upload an outdated version of your project to Cloud Proofing. There are two ways a project can become outdated: 

  1. A new project file was created and then uploaded into the existing album in Cloud Proofing using the Upload into other existing album option. The existing album project will be outdated as a new project file is now associated with that design online.
  2. Your album was uploaded to Cloud Proofing from the same project file, on another machine. If you have opened a copy of your album project on another machine and uploaded new changes to the album from that project, the other copy of the album will become outdated.


If you'd like to upload a new version of your album to Cloud Proofing, the easiest option would be to re-upload the design from the project file that was used for the Cloud Proofing upload most recently. 

However, if you'd like to upload your album to Cloud Proofing from an outdated project, the best solution would be to re-upload the album using the Upload into other existing album option (learn more here). This option will erase any previously added comments to the design, but it will allow you to upload the album successfully and relink the project to the existing album online. 

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