Rotating images

Rotating Images

If you would like to rotate your images in Pixellu SmartAlbums, you can do that by selecting your desired image and using the  Angle Slider to make your adjustment. This slider is available in the Inspector Tab on the right side of your screen:

Rotating Image Frames

The option of rotating image frames in SmartAlbums is something that we'll be working to add in a future update. In the meantime, there's a simple workaround to rotating image frames:

  1. Export your desired spread in PSD format (Adobe Photoshop). This option is available in the SmartAlbums export window (Export > Export for Print). 
  2. Open the exported file in Photoshop. 
  3. Next, select the image layer that you wish to rotate.
  4. Choose Edit > Transform > Rotate in the top menu.
  5. Rotate your image frame.

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