How to check what is causing a resolution warning

In some cases, Pixellu SmartAlbums will display a resolution warning on your images. This happens if when images are being upscaled to fill a frame on your spread. Whether a resolution warning will be displayed is determined by the dimensions of your images (width/height) and the size of the frame that they are filling. You can view exactly how much an image is being upscaled by hovering over the resolution warning symbol on the bottom corner for an image: 

While a little upscaling is okay, we recommend to stay below 150% and to never go beyond 200%. If you’d like to see why a resolution warning is appearing for an image in your project, you can check the dimensions of your image, as well as the width/height of the frame that the image is filling, in the Inspector tab under the  Image Information tab:

Taking a look at the image above, you will notice that the image dimensions are shown in pixel units and the image frame size is shown in inches. For this reason, one of the two measurements will need to be converted to the opposing unit of measure so that the two can be compared. You can use an online converter such as Ninja Units to make the conversion. After you have converted one of the two measurements to the opposing unit of measure, you can compare the image dimensions and the image frame size to see exactly how large your image needs to be in order to fill the frame without being upscaled.

Note: If you are using Ninja Units and need to convert your image frame size to pixel units, your album's DPI will need to be entered into the calculator. You can locate your album's DPI by choosing File > Export > Export for Print in the top menu and looking under the Output Dimensions section.

Solution to image upscaling

If your image is being upscaled beyond an acceptable amount, there are a couple of ways of resolving the issue:  

  1. Move the upscaled image into a smaller frame or choose a different layout with smaller frames. 
  2. If you are seeing a warning on most or all of your images, you most likely imported low-resolution images into SmartAlbums, and will need to replace them with full resolution copies. Watch the tutorial video below for more information.

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