Viewing previously uploaded Cloud Proofing album spreads

After a new draft of your album has been uploaded to Cloud Proofing, Pixellu SmartAlbums will let you preview earlier versions of your uploaded albums spreads. Previous versions of your uploaded spreads can be viewed in SmartAlbums and online in Cloud Proofing by selecting the draft  Preview options.


You can view what a spread looked like in a previously uploaded Cloud Proofing draft by selecting the desired spread in SmartAlbums and choosing the  Preview button shown in the Cloud Proofing section of the Inspector tab on the right side of your screen: 

Helpful tip: You can see a larger version of the preview image by dragging the preview thumbnail onto your desktop. This will create an image file of the preview, which will open in a larger size. 

Cloud Proofing

While viewing an album design in Cloud Proofing, you and your clients can preview previously uploaded spread designs by opening the comments section at the bottom and selecting the  Preview button:

Note: It would only be possible to view what existing spreads looked like in a previously uploaded album draft at this time. If an entire spread was deleted and a new draft was uploaded to Cloud Proofing, it would not be possible to see previously uploaded versions of the deleted spread as the spread no longer exists. 

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