Can I modify custom templates on the fly?

In the same way that viewing all of our pre-designed templates would not be possible in Pixellu SmartAlbums, viewing all of your custom designed templates in one place would not be possible as well. 

This is because template options, both pre-designed and custom-designed templates, will only appear in the Template Library if they can be used for the specific combination of images that you have placed onto your spread in SmartAlbums. Template options that cannot be used for a spread that you are designing will not be shown, which means that it would not be possible to view or edit all of your custom templates at once. 

Note: Your custom-designed templates will appear in SmartAlbums once the same combination of horizontal to vertical images are added onto a spread, in the same exact order as they were when your custom template was created. For example, if you created a custom template and the images were ordered as vertical, horizontal, vertical and vertical, that same combination would need to be used in order for your custom template to appear in SmartAlbums' Template Library. 

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