How to use bins in SmartAlbums

With Pixellu SmartAlbums' Bins, you can choose to organize your images in a way that will simplify your design process and speed up your workflow. For example, if you're working to design a large wedding album, you can organize your images so that your preparation, ceremony, portraits & party shots are all kept in separate bins. 

Creating Bins: Method 1

The easiest way to use bins in SmartAlbums would be to first organize the images on your computer into separate folders. Once your folders have been created, you can drag and drop the folders directly into your project file. Your images will be imported and automatically organized into bins, which will have the same names as your folders.

Creating Bins: Method 2

If you’d like to add bins to your project after importing images, or if you would like to add additional bins, you can simply select the "+" icon in the Image Browser area. After a bin has been created, you can drag images into the new bin.

In the same way that images can be added to a bin, images can also be moved from one bin to another by selecting the files in the Image Browser and dragging/dropping the files into your desired bin. 

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