How to make image tone adjustments

Pixellu SmartAlbums lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of your images, as well as convert your images to black and white directly within the software. To adjust the brightness or contrast of an image, simply select the file on your spread and use the  Brightness or Contrast sliders in the Inspector tab under the Tone Adjustments tab to make your changes: 

Converting your image to black and white

To convert your image to black and white, select the image on your spread and choose one of the available presets in the drop-down menu. You can also click on the Edit icon to adjust the black and white preset to fit your preference:

At any moment, you can revert your image back to its original state by simply clicking on the X icon located to the right of the  Brightness and Contrast sliders or the Black & White feature.

Note: Keep in mind that the Original option in the drop-down menu simply notifies you that the image is in its original state, while the Custom option will be applied if you have adjusted the black and white filter. 

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