Add a watermark for proofing

There are a few ways to add a watermark to your images or spreads in Cloud Proofing. The easiest way to add a watermark to your spread is directly in your Cloud Proofing Preferences. Once a logo is uploaded under the Branding section, simply choose to display your logo Over the Spread under the Client Interface section:

Adding a watermark in Designer View

 If you’d like to add a watermark to another location on your spread or to your images directly, you can do that by importing your watermark as an image file to your SmartAlbums project. Once you’ve done that, double-click on each spread individually to enter Designer View and drag/drop your watermark onto the spread to add it to your desired location or image.

Adding a watermark in Lightroom

If you have already designed an album in SmartAlbums and need to add a watermark to all of your images, the quickest way to do that would be using Adobe Lightroom. You can do that by following these steps:

1. Create two folders on your machine, one with your original images (main folder) and the other with the images you are importing into your project. The images in both folders should be exactly the same and contain the same filenames. 

2. Import your  Original Images folder into Adobe Lightroom.

3. Confirm that a watermark is available in Lightroom, or set up your watermark by choosing  Edit > Edit Watermarks (Windows) or Lightroom > Edit Watermarks (Mac).

4. Export your images from Adobe Lightroom. In the export window, ensure that your files are being exported into the  Project Images folder - this is the same folder that includes your SmartAlbums project image files. Also, make sure that the Watermark option is checked under the Watermarking tab before you start your export from Lightroom.

5. After selecting  Export, choose to Overwrite the image files in the destination folder that you've chosen (Project Images folder). This will replace the files in your SmartAlbums image folder with your watermarked files.

6. Import your watermarked images to SmartAlbums. If your images have already been imported into SmartAlbums, they will be updated automatically after export from Lightroom if your project is opened. 

7. If you’d like to remove the watermarks after the design has been proofed with your clients, simply open Adobe Lightroom and export your images into your SmartAlbums image folder again with the  Watermark option unchecked. The files will be updated in SmartAlbums automatically if the project is open.

Note: If you would like to add a watermark to only a few files that have been imported into your SmartAlbums project, you can follow these steps to search for those specific files in Lightroom.

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