Why can't I see my custom template?

There are several reasons why you may not see a previously created custom template in SmartAlbums:

1. The image ratios on your new spread are not exactly the same ratios that were used to originally create the custom template

If a custom template containing 4 horizontal images was created, that same custom template would not be available if 4 vertical images were added onto a new spread. The custom template will only appear in the Template Library after the same number of images and the same exact image ratios that were used to create the original template are added onto a new spread.

2The order of images on your new spread does not match the order originally used to create your custom template

For example, if a saved custom template contains 2 vertical images, 1 horizontal, and 1 more vertical, that same order of horizontal & vertical images would need to be added onto a new spread before your saved custom template appears. 

Keep in mind that if you add images onto a spread and the order of your image ratios does not exactly match the order of the image ratios of your custom template, you can still find your custom template in SmartAlbums' Template Library. You would simply need to open the Template Library by hovering over the top of a spread and click on the four-square icon at the top. Then, search for your custom template in the Rearrange Timeline section of the Template Library. This section of the library will show you template options that are available if the order of your image ratios is rearranged on your spread. 

3. Your custom template was created on a different computer

Custom templates are saved directly onto your machine's hard drive and not within the application itself. This means that if you create custom templates on one computer, they will not automatically be available on another. If you’d like to transfer your SmartAlbums custom templates onto another computer, you can follow these steps

4. Your project has a template filter enabled

Check to see that all of your SmartAlbums templates are being shown to you by selecting Templates > All Templates in the top menu. 

5. Your current project does not allow images to cross the center of a spread

Album presets with inside trim / inside safe zone may filter out templates that have images crossing the center of a spread. If your custom template has an image frame that crosses the center of the layout, it may be filtered out by your specific project. 

6. Your first/last spread has been converted to a Single Page/Side.

If your custom template was created on a full spread, it will not appear in the Template Library if the spread that you are designing has been converted to a single page. Likewise, a template created on a single page/side will not be available for full spreads.

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