Why is SmartAlbums failing to activate?

There are a few reasons why SmartAlbums may fail to activate. Please check the following to troubleshoot:

Your SmartAlbums Subscription Status

If you're subscribed to a SmartAlbums plan, check to see that your subscription is still active in your Pixellu Account here. If your plan has been canceled, a new license would need to be purchased here in order to regain access to SmartAlbums. 

Your Entered Credentials 

Ensure that the email address and password you are entering are both correct - check for spelling errors and make sure you're using the same email address that is tied to your paid account. 

Your Version of SmartAlbums 

Confirm that the version of SmartAlbums that you are trying to activate is the same version that you have purchased (e.g. SmartAlbums 2 or the latest version of SmartAlbums). The easiest way to ensure that you have the correct version of SmartAlbums downloaded is to download your purchased version of the software. You can do that by using the SmartAlbums download link found in your Pixellu account, or from our website here.

Your Internet Connection

While SmartAlbums can be used offline, the initial activation must be completed while connected to the internet. Check to see that you are connected to a network to ensure that the activation will be completed successfully.

Access is Blocked 

If you have tried the troubleshooting steps above and are still receiving this activation error message, your license may have been blocked by our servers due to suspicious activity. This can happen if there are multiple deactivations/activations of your SmartAlbums license within a small time frame. Please reach out to us via  support@pixellu.com or by using the live chat feature on our website so that we can help unblock your license.

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