How to generate SA.log file

For troubleshooting purposes, our team may ask that you provide us with your SA.log file. This file will contain more information about any issues that you may be having while using SmartAlbums on your machine. There are a few ways to provide us with that file: 

Submit feedback in SmartAlbums

1. Open SmartAlbums.
In the top menu, select SmartAlbums > Preferences > General and confirm that the Send crash reports and debug information to help improve SmartAlbums setting is checked.
3. Close the Preferences window and choose Help > Submit Feedback
4. Your SA.log files will be provided to us automatically once the feedback has been submitted. 

Share your SA.log files manually

If you're unable to submit feedback within SmartAlbums, you can locate your SA.log files on your machine and share that folder with us via email. You can follow these steps to do that: 


1. Open Finder. 
2. Choose Command + Shift + G on your keyboard.
3. Enter the following location:  ~/Library/Application Support/Pixellu/Pixellu SmartAlbums/Logs

4. Copy all of the SA.log files, or the full folder to share the files with us. 


1. Open the Start menu.
2. Search for the following location:  %LOCALAPPDATA%\Pixellu\Pixellu SmartAlbums\Logs

3. Copy all of the SA.log files, or the full folder to share the files with us.

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