Why don't my exported spreads match my design in SmartAlbums?


After exporting your spreads from Pixellu SmartAlbums, the images in your exported spreads do not match the images you placed in SmartAlbums. This can happen if you import a set of images into SmartAlbums and then update the image filenames on your computer to something else. Since SmartAlbums uses image filenames to pull your high-resolution images files from your computer during export, updating the image filenames after importing them into SmartAlbums can cause the software to pull the wrong images as you export your spreads. 

Solution 1: Revert your image filenames

If your image filenames have been changed after you have imported them into SmartAlbums, you can relink your image files to your SmartAlbums project by reverting the filenames to their original state during the initial import. Once you've reverted the image filenames, SmartAlbums will export the correct images in your spreads. 

Solution 2: Reload from original and replace

If you're unable to revert your image filenames to their original state during initial import, you can update your image files by selecting all of the images in the Timeline area, right-clicking, and choosing  Reload from Original. This will update your cached image files in SmartAlbums and show you the new images that are associated with your project.

Then, right-click on each image and select  Replace to update the incorrect image with the correct one in your project: 

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