Why is my SmartAlbums trial expired?

When you install a Pixellu SmartAlbums trial onto your computer, you should only need an email address to activate the trial. If you are being asked to purchase a subscription license, this means that the trial has expired on your machine:

There are two possible reasons why you may be asked to enter purchase a full license while attempting to use the SmartAlbums trial:

1. The trial has already been completed

If a SmartAlbums trial has been activated on your machine in the past and the 14-day limit has been reached, a SmartAlbums license will be required to access the software. A subscription can be purchased on our website or by clicking "Buy Now" in the SmartAlbums activation window.

If you have downloaded the trial before and were not able to fully test SmartAlbums during the 14-day period, you may install the trial on a new computer with a new email address to try the software again. 

2. The trial has expired early

In some rare cases, a SmartAlbums trial can expire before the 14-day period has been completed. If your trial has expired early, please email our Customer Support team at support@smartalbums.com or use the live chat feature on our website to get in touch with us. We'd love to help you reset the trial!

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