Why are some of my images/spreads not being exported?

There are a few possible reasons why images or spreads may not be exporting from Pixellu SmartAlbums. Please check these points to troubleshoot:

1. SmartAlbums is not updated to the latest version

Check to see if you are using an outdated version of SmartAlbums. You can do that by choosing  Help > Check for Updates in the top menu of SmartAlbums. If an update is available, update the software and see if that resolved the problem. 

2. Your original images may be corrupted

If some of your images were not exported successfully, try to re-export them as new JPG files using an image editor (e.g Photoshop). Then, replace the old images in SmartAlbums with the new files and try to export your spreads again. 

Note: If SmartAlbums detects an issue with your images, you may receive an error during the export process. If you receive an error, but see that the spreads have been exported successfully, we strongly suggest double-checking the exported album spreads to ensure that there are no issues with the designs prior to printing. 

3. Project image files have an unsupported color profile 

If your project has image files that are not in one of these supported color profiles, the images and/or spreads containing these images may not be exported from SmartAlbums. 

Note: If an entire spread is not being exported, check to see that all images on that spread have a supported color profile.

4. An antivirus software is enabled on your machine

If you have antivirus software enabled (e.g. Avast), it's possible that it is blocking the access for SmartAlbums to export images into your selected export location. To resolve this issue, please whitelist SmartAlbums within your antivirus software. If Avast is enabled, you can add SmartAlbums to the Allowed Apps (learn more here). You can also change the export location of your spreads on your machine which may help get the issue resolved as well. 

5. You do not have permission to make changes in the file or destination folder

Double-check to see that you are logged in as an admin on your machine or that you have been granted access to make changes to the files/folders you have selected as your export location.

6. Original images/destination folder have been removed during the export process

If any images or folders have been removed during the export process, spreads may not be exported successfully. Double-check that your images are available in their original source folder and that the destination folder for export has not been moved. 

7. Project has an unsupported font format (PDF exports only)

PDF exports do not currently support .dfont and .otf  font formats. If you are exporting a PDF, make sure your project does not include fonts in these formats.

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