How to clear image cache

When images are imported into Pixellu SmartAlbums, small copies of these images are made and stored in the "Image Cache". This is done to improve the performance of SmartAlbums and to allow you to build an album even when the full-size original files are offline. After a while, the size of the Image Cache can grow. Whenever the size of the Image Cache folder exceeds 10% of your disk space, you will receive a notification alerting you that you may want to clear your cache to free up disk space.

Clearing Image Cache

To clear the Image Cache, follow these steps:


1. Click on SmartAlbums 2022 in the top left corner of your screen and select Preferences...

2. In the  General tab, choose Clear


1. Click on  Tools in the top menu and select Preferences.

2. In the  General tab, choose Clear.

Note: Opening your saved projects for the first time after clearing cache may take longer than usual, as SmartAlbums will need to rebuild image cache for those projects.

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