Studio License

If you currently own a studio, a studio license would allow you and each additional designer to access Pixellu SmartAlbums on two machines with a single license.

How to get a design studio license

Once you’ve subscribed to one of our SmartAlbums plans, additional licenses can be purchased by contacting us at Each additional license will be charged as a custom payment until the end of your annual commitment period and provide 2 additional activations. When you reach out to us, please let us know:

  1. How many individual users will use SmartAlbums for album design (an individual license would need to be purchased for each designer).
  2. Whether a license for SmartAlbums or SmartAlbums and Cloud Proofing is needed.

How much does a SmartAlbums design studio license cost?

The licensing cost will depend on a few different factors and your specific needs. Please email us at for more information. 

Please note that purchasing additional licenses is non-refundable. If a studio license is canceled in the middle of the commitment period, a credit will be added to the Pixellu Account for the unused time for each license. To unsubscribe, simply contact us via email.

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