Do I need a product key to activate SmartAlbums?

If SmartAlbums 2023.5.0 or later has been installed, product keys are no longer required for activation and the software can be activated with your Pixellu account credentials. However, if an older version of SmartAlbums is being used, a product key would be required to use the software, which can be found with the steps below:

If you are subscribed to SmartAlbums and have an active annual subscription within your Pixellu account:

Note: If you have an active annual subscription, please ensure that the latest version of SmartAlbums has been installed on your computer, which can be downloaded with this link. AdditionallyIf you run into any issues activating SmartAlbums, feel free to reach out to us via live chat on our website or by email at

1. Click here to access your Pixellu Account. 

2. Go to the Subscriptions + Billing tab, and then click on your SmartAlbums or All Apps Bundle subscription plan.

3. Your product key will be shown here:

If you do not have a SmartAlbums subscription and purchased a SmartAlbums 1 or SmartAlbums 2 perpetual license in the past:

1. Click here to access your Pixellu Account. 

2. Under the Account tab, click on Legacy Downloads + Licenses.

3. Your SmartAlbums 1 or SmartAlbums 2 product key will be shown here, after selecting Details:

Note: If your SmartAlbums 1 or SmartAbums 2 product key is not working, double-check to ensure the correct version of SmartAlbums was installed. If you own a SmartAlbums 1 or SmartAlbums 2 perpetual license, these product keys can only activate these specific versions. If a different version of SmartAlbums was installed (i.e SmartAlbums 2020, etc), this may explain the error message that is appearing. If you need to download SmartAlbums 1 or SmartAlbums 2 on your computer, you can find these download links here. Additionally, if you need any assistance activating a legacy version, don't hesitate to use the live chat feature on our website to get in touch with us or email us at - we're always happy to help! 

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