How to move a project to a different computer

In order to move a project from one computer to another with all of the images linked properly, it is important to make sure that your images and SmartAlbums project file are located in the same folder. 

If your SmartAlbums project file and images are not in the same folder, follow these steps before moving the project to a different computer:

  1. Open your current SmartAlbums project that you intend on moving.
  2. Go to File and select Save as…. Save the project file in the same parent folder as your images. See below for two examples of the proper folder structure.

Example 1: Project file outside of Images folder

Example 2: Project file inside of Images folder

Both of these folder structures will allow you to move the entire  Parent Folder successfully to the new destination/computer.

If the images have not been moved as described above, you may experience problems opening your project with SmartAlbums on the new computer. If so, please click here to read an article that will help you relink your files. 

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