Music Tracks that are leaving SmartSlides soon

Below is a list of music tracks scheduled to be removed from our musical library on November 29th due to expiring license agreements. Please note that if you have any published slideshows that contain these tracks, your projects will not be affected.

However, if any unpublished slideshows contain these tracks, the slideshow would not be able to be published due to the music being expired. In these cases, the music would need to be switched to one of our currently available songs in our library, or a track can be uploaded manually as well.

  1. Like I do - Mike Gentile
  2. Accordia - Chris Garrick
  3. Happy Rebound - Frederic La Quere
  4. Be Kind Rewind - Julio Tavarez
  5. Melting Clocks - Julio Tavarez
  6. We Are Right Now - Griggzy Heath
  7. Gentleness - Rowcroft Salt
  8. Can I Call You Baby - Anning
  9. Together - Erazoff
  10. All That Jazz  - Jazz Groovers
  11. Joyful Reunion - Dusty Grey
  12. To the End of the Line - Nik Freitas
  13. Lay to Rest - Smudge Mason
  14. Hit It Off - The KODA Ovens
  15. Tiger Stripes - Fergus Butler
  16. Let’s Have a Good Time - Desmond Kalayeh
  17. Atlanta Nights - Elaine Matthews
  18. Till the End - Abaco
  19. Sunny Sun - Jason Kleinberg
  20. White Water feat. Nick Frank - Nico Grace
  21. Here to There - Nik Freitas
  22. End of the Day - Ben Blakeman
  23. Bubbly - Mike Gentile

Note: For more information regarding expired music within slideshows, please visit our Expired Music article here.

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