SmartAlbums 2022.1.0

 New Features

  • Various cover areas in built-in covers are clearly labeled 
  • Rotated text can be exported as IDML
  • New photos added to covers now auto-fill the desired area
  • Easily get back to your cover design with Go to Cover button
  • Guide coordinates are displayed while guides are being repositioned
  • New features fully localized into all supported languages (Russian, Portuguese, Spanish)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The export button is disabled if the album has no spreads eligible for export
  • Cloud Proofing tab opens automatically after the wrap and spine adjustments are set
  • Suggested wrap and spine areas are calculated automatically 
  • Cover spread is clearly labeled in the spread bar
  • Export window optimized for more screen resolutions
  • Covers smaller than album size cannot be created
  • Technical fixes and improvements
  • Additional UX and UI improvements
  • Bug and crash fixes

Known Issues

  • Opening files created in prior versions may cause wrong labels to be displayed in Cover Designer View
  • Some Chinese fonts have issues with visualization 

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