SmartAlbums 2022.0.0

New Features

  • Photowrap Cover Design Feature has been added! A Ghost Cover Spread will appear at the beginning of every album with at least one spread - double-click or drop some images to start your cover design process
  • Upload a lab-provided Cover Guide File using the Cover Designer Wizard to make cover design easier - guides specified by your lab are automatically detected
  • Specify cover dimensions manually using the Cover Designer Wizard to make a cover from manually entered specifications 
  • Built-in cover specifications are available for the most popular print labs - more labs will be added on an ongoing basis
  • Use images, patterns, and text in the Cover Designer View to design your cover 
  • Create a frame with solid fill by using a solid “pattern” to use as a background for your images and/or text
  • Rotate text in Designer View and the Cover Designer View by selecting an existing text frame and using the text rotation buttons 
  • Easily update cover dimensions OR Cover Guide File after the cover has been created
  • Cover dimensions can be entered in any unit (cm, in, pixels)
  • When you export for print, you will see a helpful warning to review your cover if the number of spreads in the album has changed
  • Export cover for print, Cloud Proofing, or manual proofing 
  • See a preview of your album in 3D after exporting for Cloud Proofing
  • Cover spine and wrap area can be defined for 3D preview
  • Warning indicator appears when Spine and Wrap zones settings are outdated
  • Receive client comments on the cover and see the notifications in SmartAlbums
  • Covers feature fully localized into all supported languages (Russian, Portuguese, Spanish)


  • Quick Preview UX improvement - New color palette
  • Trim Zone Review - Avoid print issues from images located close to the edge
  • Fixed bug related to PDF text export (frames with blank lines)
  • Additional bug and crash fixes
  • Performance improvements

Known Issues 

  • Designer View: incorrect spread description/numbering for an album with a cover
  • Cloud Proofing export tab: the "Cover Preview" option appears to be checked if an album does not have a cover
  • 3D cover has visual issues when the exported cover is smaller than the size of the inner album spreads
  • Cloud Proofing comment panel is empty at first when an album with a cover is being uploaded

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