SmartAlbums 2020.3.0

 New Features

  • Quick Preview - Zoom in on your image in QP to see all the details
  • Quick Preview and Timeline - Tone-adjusted images are marked with an indicator, so you can easily identify Brightness, Contrast, or B&W Image Effects
  • Quick Preview - Toggle between your original and tone-adjusted image for easy comparison
  • Quick Preview - Easily scroll through the images in QP mode using mouse wheel/magic mouse/touchpad (touchpad - Mac OS only)
  • Quick Preview - Additional UI changes and improvements
  • Export with confidence with extra warnings for frames located too close to the trim zone
  • Image Browser - Display the color labels and ratings for all your images right in Image Browser

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Designer View: Esc key exits Designer View
  • Patterns - Apply pattern as background by double-clicking in Pattern Browser
  • All new features fully available in PT/ES/RU localization
  • Fixed crash related to Drag and Drop issue under Big Sur
  • Fixed crash related to Face detection functionality 
  • Improved Trial watermark warning

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