Connecting your custom domain to Pixellu Galleries

Step 1: Create CNAME Record

  1. Log into your domain provider's website.
  2. Enter the Domain Manager section. Every provider calls this section a different name; some of the more common names are: Manage Domains, DNS Manager, or Zone File Settings.
  3. Create a CNAME record. Your provider may ask for these fields:
  • Alias - This should be a subdomain like "Gallery". Entering "Gallery" will result in "" pointing to Pixellu Galleries.
  • Type - Choose "CNAME".
  • Points To - Enter "" (use this exact text - do not replace any part of it with your own domain).

Note: If you are subscribed to SmartSlides and have set up a custom domain in your preferences, the same subdomain used for SmartSlides cannot be used for Pixellu Galleries at the same time. 

Step 2: Set Up Custom Domain

  1. Log into Pixellu Galleries.
  2. Enter Preferences > Domain.
  3. Enter your custom domain name (e.g. "", without "http://"). Please note that the custom domain value may not be longer than 64 characters.
  4. In the Custom domain field and click "Save"

That’s it! Within 15 minutes, you should be able to access the galleries under your custom domain. In some cases, however, DNS propagation may take up to 72 hours.

Note: The custom domain is used as a part of each individual gallery link (domain + gallery name). For example:[gallery-name]. If a custom domain is entered without the gallery name, the viewer will see an error message in the browser. 

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