The downloaded version of my slideshow does not match my SmartSlides project

If your downloaded slideshow does not match your SmartSlides project, it’s possible that the video version of your slideshow has not been rendered properly. Please follow the steps below to re-render your slideshow into a new video file: 

1. Open your slideshow project in SmartSlides.

2. Select one of your image files and drag it to a new location.

3. Trim one of your song segments by a few seconds.

4. Publish your slideshow.

5. Go back into the project, re-adjust the slideshow back to the way it was before, and re-publish the design.

6. Lastly, download your slideshow again and check to see if it looks correct. 

If you're still having trouble, please use the chat feature within SmartSlides to let us know. We'd love to take a closer look!

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