Sharing your slideshow on social media

The easiest way to share a slideshow on social media would be to share the slideshow link. You can do this by copying the slideshow link from the Share Slideshow window in Pixellu SmartSlides:

or using the share buttons that are available as you view the slideshow and at the end of the video:

Uploading a slideshow video to your profile


To upload a slideshow video to your Facebook page or profile, simply download the slideshow from SmartSlides and choose the Photo/Video option on Facebook for your post. 


To upload a slideshow video to Instagram, the video would need to be downloaded onto your computer from SmartSlides and then transferred to your mobile device. This can be done using an online sharing application (e.g. Dropbox) or by connecting your device to your computer. Once a slideshow is available on your mobile device, you will be able to upload the video to Instagram from the application. 

Instagram Stories

Although slideshows downloaded from SmartSlides are in the 16:9 aspect ratio, you can still upload your video to Instagram Stories. If you’ve used only vertical images in your slideshow project, you can convert your slideshow to a 9:16 ratio using a third-party application (e.g. Adobe Premiere) and then upload the video to your account.

Alternatively, we can recommend creating an image that notifies your viewers to flip their mobile devices horizontally. Then, simply import that file to SmartSlides, and use it as your first image. Once the slideshow is downloaded, you can simply rotate your slideshow video so that it is in a 9:16 format and upload it to Instagram Stories. The video will appear in the vertical format but will be viewed horizontally by your viewers. 

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