Transitioning to a new plan

In some cases, customers subscribed to one plan may want to transition to another. For example, maybe you're subscribed to a plan that only includes SmartAlbums and you'd like to subscribe to our All Apps Bundle instead, which includes all four of our services under a single plan. If you are considering transitioning to another plan, here are some things that you should know:

  • Depending on the plan that you are subscribed to, your existing plan may be automatically canceled as you subscribe to a new plan. This is done to prevent you from subscribing to the same product more than once. 
  • If you are transitioning from one plan to another, any unused credit from your original plan will automatically be credited to your newly purchased plan. 
  • Credit that is applied to your account is non-refundable. This credit will automatically be used to pay for your newly purchased plan. 

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