How to upgrade to the All Apps Bundle?

If you are currently subscribed to a SmartAlbums or SmartSlides plan, you can upgrade to the All Apps Bundle by canceling your current subscription and re-purchasing the All Apps Bundle. Once the previous plan has been canceled, any remaining time in that previous subscription will automatically be credited to your account, which will apply to the All Apps Bundle purchase to prevent overcharging. You can do this by following the steps below:

1. Sign in to your Pixellu account and go to the Subscriptions + Billing tab

2. Select your current subscription and click Cancel Subscription

3. Then, Choose the Cancel Immediately option and for the Cancellation Reason, select Other and type "Wanting to upgrade to the All Apps Bundle"

4. Click Confirm Cancellation

5. Once your plan has been canceled, you can purchase our All Apps Bundle from our pricing page here, and any credit within your account will be automatically displayed and applied at checkout

Note: If any errors occur or if the incorrect amount is displayed when purchasing our All Apps Bundle, please reach out to us at or use our live chat feature on our website so we can help!

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