Why is my slideshow not publishing?

There are a few possible reasons why a slideshow is unable to publish. Please check these points to troubleshoot:

1. Web browser cache/cookies

It's possible that the web browser being used is experiencing performance issues due to the cache being full. This can cause slow internet speeds and weak performance while browsing the web, which may be a factor when publishing a slideshow. Below are a few guides on how to clear the cache for the most popular web browsers:

2. Slideshow is unable to render completely

If clearing the web browser's cache was not helpful, the issue may lie within the slideshow data, preventing the slideshow from rendering completely. This can easily be solved by following the steps below:

1. Open your slideshow project in SmartSlides.
2. Next, swap the placement of 1-2 of your images.
3. Trim one of your song segments by a few seconds.
4. Publish your slideshow again. 
5. If the issue has been resolved, go back into the project, re-adjust the project back to the way it was before, and re-publish the slideshow.

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