How to create sections

Pixellu Galleries allows you to organize your images into sections. 

To create sections, simply drag and drop your folders of images into the software. Automatically, sections will be created and ordered by the folder names:

Note: If only one folder is uploaded, two sections will be created in the project.

If you'd like to create a section after uploading your images, this option will be available once the files have been uploaded: 

Reordering or deleting a section 

At any moment, you can select a section and drag/drop it to reorder it in your project:

You can also delete a section by selecting the Trash icon: 

Note: If you have multiple sections in the project, an option to remove only the selected section or remove the section along with the images will be available. If you choose to remove the section only, your images will be moved to an adjacent section.

Sharing your gallery

After publishing the gallery, your client will be able to view all of their images and sections using the gallery link. If you’d like to share a specific section of the gallery with your client, you can also copy the link to that section by choosing  More:

While viewing the gallery, your client can also navigate to any of the sections within the gallery by selecting the drop-down menu on the top left-hand side of the page:

Or, on the bottom of the page after a section is opened:

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