Canceling or switching your Pixellu Galleries plan



  • More expensive
  • Can be canceled at any time
  • Your plan will renew automatically every month until you cancel


  • Less expensive
  • Paid upfront
  • Your contract will renew automatically, on your yearly renewal date, until you cancel

Switching Plans

  • All plans can be switched to at any time
  • Monthly and yearly plans can be switched to any other plan
  • The yearly contract automatically renews from the day of the switch if you switch to another yearly plan. If you choose to switch to a monthly plan from a yearly plan, credit will be added to your Pixellu Account for any used time for the yearly plan and will be applied to your monthly payments
  • When a plan is switched, billing follows this logic

Note: While switching between Pixellu Galleries plans is possible, switching to/from the All Apps Bundle is not possible within your Pixellu Account. If you'd like to switch to/from our All Apps Bundle, please email us at 

Canceling Plans

  • Monthly and yearly plans can be canceled at any time
  • Cancel functionality is available through the Pixellu Account login
  • After cancellation, your service will continue until the end of your billing period, but a prorated refund will not be issued

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