Preparing your images for Pixellu Galleries

Minimum Requirements

Pixellu Galleries accepts JPEG images of most sizes & types and automatically resizes them to display perfectly on any device. Even if you upload images of different sizes and compressions, Pixellu Galleries will intelligently prepare each one to display well with others. There are just a few guidelines; images must be:

  • JPEG format
  • sRGB color space
  • At least 1800 pixels on all edges (a low-resolution warning will be shown otherwise)
  • Not more than 50MB in file size

Note: The maximum number of images that can be imported into a single gallery is 2,000 image files. 



By default, Pixellu Galleries will intelligently sharpen the images for optimal display. Therefore, we recommend that you do not sharpen images before uploading them. If you do not want Pixellu Galleries to sharpen your images, you can turn sharpening off in Preferences.


Pixellu Galleries will slightly compress your images after the upload, so it is important that your images are uploaded at high quality. At the same time, we don't recommend uploading uncompressed images, as that will unnecessarily slow down your upload. Our recommendation is to export from Adobe Lightroom at 90% quality or save from Adobe Photoshop at the quality '10'.

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